Saturday, September 21, 2013

~ Bryan Cranston ~ Reptilian Shapeshifter ~

Don't believe in the reptilian agenda?
Do you love show's about corruption?
The devil is the lord of lies, the deceiver. Spinning webs of deceit; around round and round. To be honest with you i cant watch this show. I mean i can, yet i choose not to. See i live in California a state full of crime and drugs, violence and what else these fallen angels may find you. Being in CA i grew up in a drug culture which allowed me to see the rock bottom of many peoples life's. These Drugs have been the source of the down fall of many people. These down falls are not limited to race, education, financial or political status, health, etc.
When it was revealed to me that the reptilian agenda was involved in Hollywood's (MK Ultra) mind control information cult, it was clear to me this is why these shows are written as such. See this is similar to the situation where the US government has allowed drugs like alcohol and modified tobacco cigarets which has cause tragedy, anger and sadness in millions of people daily. Meanwhile drugs that have healed disease and brought smiles and insight to millions of humans on the planet like LSD and Marijuana have been propagandized, demonized and flat out denied to the people.
It doesn't surprise me to see many of friends and family or just acquaintances confess their love for the show. I do understand how through this show many people are living the life of a drug dealer vicariously. I also suspect through watching this show people have began to try to relate to this drug dealer life style and glorified these activity's. I can see people blindly emulating these criminals like a child watching a cartoon.
What also didn't surprise me was that this show was full of Satan's rejects, when a good friend of mine began to reveal their true face to the people i was relieved. I ask you to imagine a hypothetical. hypothetically speaking, imaging if there were humans possessed by highly intelligent demons. Imagine them training humans in the way of their lord Lucifer. Imagine them day by day dragging the human psyche closer and closer into the ways of sin and evil. With catch phrases like "do what they wile" or YOLO aka "you only live once" these demons have disabled our connection with the Lord Jesus Christ.
This is what i suspect could be the issue. through black masonic mass's these members have been possessed then released into the Hollywood camera in order to teach the earth's people how to be an abomination of the Lord. Don't allow the Lord of Lies to fool you, your family and your friends into a life such as this. Be aware of these demons. Make your friends and family aware.
Don't be deceived, these demons mingled among us all.