Thursday, September 26, 2013

30,000 Page Views

I told my self i wouldn't make a post but for me i guess this is a mile stone. It's funny tho cause i knew this could of happened 1 of 2 ways. I could of hit 30,000 in a few weeks, or it would have to take me a month or so. I suspected that as hard as the blog first spiked and the flaming outcry from the community mods and owners at google+ that the blog would be quarantined within its boundary of the internet. I guess to a certain degree you have to expect that. And that's what happened what could of took days took months.

Through out this time i was flamed by the David Icke Forum Mods and on the brink of being banned for the information in the videos i was sharing. Back at Google+ i was being flagged left and right and had my account banned for 1 week while under review from the Google board. 
When i was released back into the community's i realized i had to share my information only in "alien/conspiracy" community's. I had thought i would get along with the members of these community's a lot easier. I came to find that just like the David Icke forum these community's where really just skeptic tanks, filled with useless eaters. They would sit in wait for comments to be made in the conspiracy community's then ponce out and ridicule the poster's. It became a regular trend for me to see this i realized not to engage in these flame wars. 

Yet for me the real attack was based on a form of stone wall censorship being done on Google+. I found many community's empty of posters yet filled with members. I wondered why i was the only person posting in these community's . Come to find out what was happening was the owners were "shadow banning" member's who were not spreading the same government propaganda guild lines for conspiracy's. So this meant that the other members posting were also only seeing their own post and not any one else's.
I came to question this and found my self being gang stocked through out Google+ by ton of skeptic's who just loitered in conspiracy community's like troll's. I came to a point were i heavily suspect that "Cover-Upz Blog" is under a cyber attack. I began to see my views and 1+ mismatch and delaying delivery. I also started seeing tones of blog spam  from fake spam websites.
At one point i was getting spammed from "Eminem" for his new album release. At this point i began to try to defend the blog and i did a search for my blog's vulnerabilities. I used a administrative program called Back Track 5. With Vega Scan i was able to find many high level variability.

I also came to realize that for me to get this moving i need to go guerrilla style advertizing. This means i would have to use Stickers as a media for advertizing. There can be no "Shadow Ban" on the "Cover-Upz" sticker campaign. These Stickers are free and can be printed up by any one with a printer and access to post office stickers. 

What am i trying to do here you may be asking? I have explained this before here on cover upz blog. If you know me in real life you know that i always talk about weird stuff in these sorts of topics. I have come to find for me that its a lil relaxing to share this information with the world and hear their reply's. For me its nice to share something with someone that may help some one get to know them self a bit better. Maybe i am just getting to know my self more as i learn more about the world around us.

30,000 views does mean something i guess in the end. I go to some other blogs and i see like 1,847 hits and i am like wtf? LuLz
Any how here we go again guys. I am aiming for the 40,000 . A short goal, yet i am sure much can happen in this time. I would also like to spice up the blogs look a bit, so i hope that also happens.
Well here we are the LA resistance Ladys and Gentlemen.