Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sarah Wayne Callies - Reptilian Shape Shifter

 Take a look at her right eye
This is  "walking dead season 2 episode 13"
The photo is around 35:12 mark on this link i posted.  
(Update: looks like the draconian elite are aware of this post. I recently reviewed the post and checked the video to make sure its still up. What i noticed is a set of lines across the streaming video. It seems like the video is being scrubbed. At 35:12 the video shot seems to be blurred and not as clear as it first was. If you look close you can still see the slit but it seems like some one obviously tryed to cover it up. I am sure if you have a early dvd version or what not you may be able to get a more clear picture of the shift as seen on the photo above. This will also prove that some group is trying to keep this a secret. )

If you are familyer with the series the walking dead, here is a scene where this guy has just told his wife that he killed his best friends cause he was planing on killing him and taking his wife (her) and his son.
In this show the wife betrays her husband by telling his best friend that she wants to be with him not her husband cause she is convinced that he cant survive. So in this scene he is unaware that she planed for him to die and his friend to live. Well he ends up killing his friend and he tells her this.

When he tells her that he killed him she goes into a wicked shift.
Thanks to eye of the angel and john ellizzz i was able to spot this shift.
There are tons through this series.
The rule of thumb is to watch for scenes that have evil characteristics in them hate, greed, lust & envy. When a actor portieres these emotions the demons will began to show their traits.

During this show i begin to notice how her character began to have a two face. She was with her husband and behind his back she was giving messages to another man that she wanted him instead.
This is a perfect example of how these demons try to break up the human home. this is a obvious attack on our morals.

Watch as she coxes young women to lust over traits of a psychopath and cringe at the sign of a honest man. During this show her husband trys to be as human as he can while he is being taunted by a dark side of the group to just go gun crazy and feed the blood lust of these demons by just killing dead and living alike.

Also if you watch this series with the understanding that these shape shifters are real and crave blood you will began to see with the right eyes how this show is more tuned to the reptilian part of the brain. I began to think to my self its not so much about zombies getting mashed up into pieces as it is about blood thirsty demons watching humans bash humans into crumbs.

One thing that pointed this out for me was the amount of killing in this series. There was a part if not more then once but that they executed a child. At this moment it became clear to me that this was a snuff film and that these demons were rejoicing in the ignorance and working to demoralize people.

I mean we are shooting kids on tv, kids are being shot in real life (trayvon martin).

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