Friday, August 23, 2013

Morgellons Presentation (Potent News Blast #10)

WOW look at this, chem trails are known to have ufos around them. There are reports of the chem trails dropping material from the plans on to the population. This material has been studied and and can not be identified as anything that we have on earth. It seems to be a nano type technology that seems to have a mind of its own. This nano tech is known to get into the human body by slipping under the skin cells and causing massive body open sores. through these open sores wire's, hexagon crystals, and many other random unworldly elements. these nano's that are coming out of the body can not be found on earth and seem to be alien technology.
This syndrome is being dismissed by main stream science and flat out ignored as crazy conspiracy theory's. Yet there is a percent of the population of earth being effected by this and even in some cases people are dieing from this.
Can this be the beginning of our world war z?

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