Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ana María Jiménez Ortiz Vs. The American Spin Doctor's

Ok i think this is a great example of the gay agenda. This congresswoman declared gay people should not be able to marry because they “don’t face each other during sex”. I have made a few post's here about my suspicions of a secret attack on the human home with the gay agenda. I make a post's on this every now and then. 

Well this came to my attention and i think its note worry. What caught my attention about this wasn't so much the comment she made. Although i felt it was good to get a beautiful smart women's point of view about this not to mention she maintains some political power. I was more struck back by the attitudes these "fake" internet news embeds held. For me this was a sign that they are government shill's and work to maintain the ideal train of though of the establishment.
This video channel  is pure brain washing

The trick is the titles they make. The first title drew me in cause i thought it was a video protesting the movement. "Mexican Leader: Gays Can't Marry Because Don't Face Each Other During Sex".
I clicked on to see what she had to say and instead was met with a "gay". So i gave him the benefit of the doubt and heard the video. I couldnt help but go into 2 seconds into the video with out noticing this "spin doctor" start working. 

Right off the bat he calls this bizarre. This is done to make you lower your guard and think of this as a cooky off topic discussion that holds not grounds for debate and is there for a laugh. When in reality this comment was held in high regard. Now as you watch this video you can plainly see this gay is upset at this story and is trying to mock the legitimacy of the comment at every turn he gets. In my eyes this is cause he is working for the agenda. Personally i can never watch this guys videos cause they lack realism. I am sure this guy is working with the same agenda as the satanic music agenda.

I am convinced if you watch this guys show enough you will catch him shape shifting. Maybe the reason david isnt looking his partners in the eye is cause they will see him shape shift. Another important for you to understand is these shape shifters are androgynous which is the reason why pushing the gay agenda doesn't bother them!

Ok so what, some gay try's to speak up for himself and his butt buddy's on you tube that cant be a conspiracy. So i went to look for another video hopefully in favor of the comment so i can post it here for you all to view.  And of course i am met with more opposition.

Ok now we have this guy from the TYT. I really dislike this guys channel, i feel like he doesn't know what side hes on. He waves a huge american flag but he speaks for turks? he dress's like a white politician but hes obviously not. Then he goes around busting up the main stream media like hes not one of them when he clearly wants to be on the CNN. Now from the alternative media point of view this guys a shill. I have heard his stand of the story he covers and hes such an elitist. They ask him to bend a story, he asks them how far.

so when i noticed he was the only other internet news covering this i was disappointed cause i knew he would side with david cause they are both on the same masonic team.

So right off the bat this turk admits that he does not share the same belief as Ana. Now this is impotent cause in the news you don't share your belief. You report and that's it. This guy is obviously shooting for a side. And if you are a fan of his, by him taking a side right off the bat this will lower your guard on the matter. Then he suddenly makes her out to be a enemy of gay rights. This guy loves to ridicule people and opinions that is his weapon. He continues to attack her by proudly proclaiming she was forced to say sorry "gays i didn't mean to upset your reptilian terraform plan's".What's funny is how shocked they seem to be that she mention this as a fact, from their body language is seem this may be true. He even stoop's as low as making insults to Ana's sex life. This guy is a real piece of work, how dare he sit in front of that flag and spin is lies.

The fact that this claimed man is so bothered by this is a bit of a shock to me and now makes me think this guy is a hollywood reptoid bear (Bear is a gay term google it). He goes on and on in his video defending gays tooth and nail at every mental perspective. I also find him to be using sarcasm as his main weapon to ridicule opinions in the public forum. This isn't about rights its about depopulation. Its about the freedoms its about the nwo agenda for the future.
These talking heads are placed strategically for the mass's of people looking for the truth. then they run into these guys and are controlled from the inside out.