Friday, August 2, 2013



I have to admit this 10,000 wasn't as good for me as it was for you all.
This 10,000 views arrived a lot sooner then expected. I think we hit a 10,000 in our first 3 months maybe, and we doubled the count in 1 month. We gained most of our views from the Google+ community's. When i started sharing post's there the count just piled up like a broken dam. The funny thing was so many community's are very uptight with this kinda information. I noticed most of the huge community's are labeled as to not allow this kinda information out. I was able to post in some community's that have like 40,000 members due to the wide range of topics that fall under "random stuff" or "Thinkers", "Ponder This". Yet the people id like to reach are all in all these community's i cant post in. when i first came to Google + i posted in anything and i got a huge following from it yet the mods were pissed and i got my account shut down for spamming. so i know people in those community's reflect with this information.

yet we did have some cool stuff between our first 10,000 and this one. 
Well i don't think ill make 30,000 post view i may have to wait till we hit 50,000 ^^

What im really looking for these days for cover upz is for people to add us to their circle, share post's they like as far as they can. I am just working this blog for views and circle adds or members. I also work the blog to meet and work with others who are like minded.
I have to say i can not excuse my self if my personality spill's over into the blog. I may make some people uncomfortable with my words or choice of blog content. There was a member the other day that reached out and told me they were bothered cause they felt like this information had singled them out and now they were troubled. I tried to reassure them their was no reason to feel singled out, that tons of people would agree with how he felt about life. He plead to me where could he find such people. I told them they could find these people all over the net all over the city's you live in all you have to do is talk to them.
I do understand the feeling this person had and thats why i made the blog. This information is widly known and is spread through urban legend in citys and towns across the globe. Yet the main stream media doesnt allow us to come together through it. They keep up the "stone wall". So i made cover upz so i could post the information i felt they were holding back.

I have been waiting to address the new visiters that are from around the world. I am so happy and excited to see your visit's each day. I am from Los Angeles California and i often look at the visits from other countrys and view their citys from google maps for fun, so i could see what their towns look like.
I want to thank you for your visits. Russia is our number #1 visitor and has supported us a lot. For a while we were getting storys from Russia Today. They always broke storys that wernt as bias as the US news stations. Yet it felt for a while like i was getting involved in a clock and dagger news information game.
I went as far as spaming local news channels in other country's that were on youtube with my blog link in order to spread cover upz. I have a feeling if it didnt work it got some of these news stations some ideas on what to post for news. I noticed after a while some of the news stations i was posting ad's in had their views rising from 5 views to at lease 180-300 views after they changed up their attitudes on story's. For example they were always posting this political shit no one was watching. Then they posted the snowden case and their views went up.
That was a good example for me that what we do here has substance.

I continue to try to reach the globe with cover upz blog and ask that you all around the world please continue to visit and share this with your country. Don't be shy to post comments in your language maybe some one else in your town is watching and is also thinking the same thing.

I really wanna thank Eye of the Angel from you tube, john ellizz and willem tell. With out these guys i really wouldn't have as much faith in what i do here. These guys have helped me see what so many people are afraid of. Thanks to these people i am able to spot these demons on my own.