Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lil Wayne Is Gay And ADMITS IT & The Rap Agenda

This is a blatent sign for me that these illuminati money and power rappers are really just being used to move the draconian agenda forward by using their popular music idols to condition the youth. i my self am big on hip hop music and i have found my self being forced into some kinda musical politics.

its a lil hard to explane, but its basicly devided into two sides. the music of the people for the people, and the music made by the establishment in order to move the dracinian masonic agenda.

the sad part for me was realizing that some people dont want to be awaken from this illusion. i have been judged for playing music that is consious, and speaks of love family community and always preaches to be aware of the snakes and devils that are in the industry.
 compared to music that promotes wealth and power violence and tyranny.

the hold the industry has on the population is amazing. they are really under layers of belief programing.

what caught my attention is how the industry is moving a gay agenda and a lot of people haven't been noticing this. their are also tons of other beliefs they are pushing like the trans human agenda, the satanic agenda, the conditioning of the lose of privacy through the guise of convenient technology plus more like the major masonic recruiting campaign being paraded right out in the open as blatant satanic belief.

also the main thing that can be disturbing is the stone wall the the masonic industry is making that keeps out possessive artist out of the spot light. well i guess if we cant have a president that's positive we are not gonna have a rapper who speaks possessive lyrics to the people in the white house.
i would like to display a example of the two types of music. let me see

they promote murder, demons, addictive drug abuse, foul language, hate, riches, anger for others, mafia like connections, they promote other agenda artist. they create a movement that gets the youth in a mental and emotional state that channels them into a life of crime and cycles them in and out of the jail systems while they make money for speaking the word of evil. on a side not this artist tylar is a good example of a agent provocateur. from my understanding him and others like jack ass are being used to further dumb down the population and condition them for the future of torture entertainment. this type of entertainment will be used to publicly punish humans that are against the agenda and also as a new competitive sport. you can see this today on show like ninja warrior or other similar shows now in the states that promote punishment for failure.

this type of hip hop promotes multiculturalism, honesty, pride in true, it speaks about relative struggles of the average urban minority, it speaks of unity through similar trials of life, it speaks love to the listeners, the music speaks for the good fight with out bible bashing, they actually even speak on the artist in the main stream attacking the youth through the music creating a cycle of violence that only benefit the satanic agenda.

yet what is scary is the advantage persons need for the exception of the every day media population, in turn this creates the opportunity for these agent provocateurs to create a norm that is followed.

their is one excuse i hear time and time again, and that is the "hip-hop" that speaks positive is just not good for dancing. i really believe this to be a conditioned answer created by the agents at the tops of these agenda's.

so i ask you young music fans to pick your artist like you pick your friends. if you have a friend that is stealing from you, it wouldn't be wise to stick around. in turn if you have a artist that is speaking to you from evil id think twice about whats to gain?

(For the record from my understanding the artist who speak of truth are called "MC's" and they make Hip-Hop. The artist that speak of deceit are rappers and they make Rap.)