Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Could this be Real? What kinda biology would cause this to happen? i am convinced this isn't video distortion i have seen a number of these kind of video's. also these videos reveal anomalies on just about all parts of the body.

Look at this TV actor, her eyes seem to be showing a slit. I believe  this is a cover up, these are demons possessing humans that are masonic slaves. The Masons use these slaves as host's for their demon slaves. If the host is observed for signs of possession you will see things like a line on the tip of the nose, hands that look like 3 finger claw's, bumps on the lips and the eye lids, consistently popping the tongue out of the mouth, elongated teeth or crooked jagged teeth, rare but some times you can see a fully exposed distorted figured of a green like entity that resembles a dinosaur like head.
The reptilian host can sense when they are being observed through telepathy (in my opinion this telepathy can travel through time and space, so when you are observing these video i suspect these alien demons are also observing you back. If you are fear full they will read that and try to clean up, yet if you watch them with a brave heart they began to feel persecuted and start to show shame. This can be the host realizing they have a demon in them.)
When the reptilians features are discovered they began to use other reptilians through telepathy to walk in front of the camera or they try to turn away from the camera or they will try to recenter them self's. I have heard that when a reptilians human eyes/form slip it becomes uncomfortable for them and they began to display discomfort.
This is the reason why dinosaurs are so popular among school curricular programs cause they plan to desensitize the population to the reptilian race.

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