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Cover Up'z: Q & A with "John Ellizz"!

Hi this is Michael Ledesma from cover-upz blog
and i am here with johnellizz from the youtube channel Hollywood Reptoidz!

Thank you so much for taking some time out and allowing us to ask you some questions

A: Hi, Micheal Ledesma! Thanks to you for this opportunity to chat!

Q:So let me start off by asking the major question
what got you started looking into the draconian reptilian shapeshifters?

A: I had read Icke's book 'The Biggest Secret' back in 2002. I thought it was probably TRUE! But I wasn't obsessed with Reptilians at that point. In 2003 I decided to experiment with psilocybin a little bit. (I'm not a drinker, smoker or drug user and this was a scientific experiment on myself.) On Christmas Eve 2003, I ingested a mushroom because I had been watching Catholic 'Communion' on TV. My thing was: "This is fake B.S.! I'VE got the REAL DEAL! So I took 'communion' by eating the mushroom! But my 'communion' was only with SNAKES! These snakes were invading my mind and freaking me out BIG TIME! I endured a long night of torment as the world around me was revealed to be a Reptilian dominated nightmare from which there was no escape! If I listened to the radio, everybody was saying 'slither' all the time! But by dawn the ordeal was over and I swore never to do mushrooms again. What I DIDN'T KNOW was that my agonies had JUST BEGUN! On New Year's Eve a mysterious group of people appeared outside my home and pretended to fix a car for 8 hours! I thought it was VERY STRANGE but had no idea what it was really about. But the next night, my mind was INVADED by 'The All-Seeing Eye'! For 3 days I had to fight tooth and nail to keep this 'Eye' from over-powering my mind and EVICTING ME from my OWN HEAD! This remains the most terrifying and fascinating experience I have ever had. I outlasted this attempted takeover and spent months recovering from the trauma of seeing 'The Eye'. Now I KNEW our world was much stranger than I had ever guessed! I became ever more curious about the secret Reptilian agenda.
Q:Are there any people or groups that you are working with now you can tell us about ?

A: I'm a loner by nature.

Q:Is there any one that you look up to or some one who has inspired you in the
area of finding video anamilies or
even just realeasing information on the shapeshifters in general?

A: William Bramley's "The Gods Of Eden" has had the biggest influence on me. It's like learning human history for the first time. School-taught history is dog poop. Everything about Earth relates to the Alien influence. Any human who thinks we're an autonomous civilization is a mindless loser. Get these elmers a copy of "Gods Of Eden"! On YouTube, I was watching 'TheyLive2012' for a while before I started doing my own channel. I liked the thought-provoking way that channel's videos were made!

Q:I am wondering what got you started on the path into this rabbit hole conspiracy?

A: On April 10th, 2010, I was out walking when I spotted a glowing orb hovering above me...I watched it for 15 minutes as it hovered and watched me back. (It was about 200 feet up in the air.) Then 3 more orbs did a fly-by right above my head. The playful orbs danced around each other in the sky before disappearing on the horizon. I was delighted to have this experience - which was WAY more fun than seeing that 'Eye'! I thought it was over...BUT WAS IT? A month later, I was watching the TV show "The Avengers" on DVD when I started to NOTICE that an actress named Linda Thorson had incredibly strange EYES. I began to intensely STUDY her eyes using zoom and frame-by-frame. I became convinced that this chick was a shapeshifter who used SPEED and SUBTLETY to subliminally display her gorgeous green lizard eyes! Then I came to the episode of "The Avengers" titled 'Legacy Of Death'. At this point I had trained my eyes to spot shapeshifting on the show. So when a man morphed into a Lizard Alien as he got out of a car, I WAS READY! This blew my mind that a guy would actually do that! Eight years after reading "The Biggest Secret", I had SEEN IT FOR MYSELF! Reptilians were REAL and I would never doubt it again! But even before I could recover from the shock, these actors were BLOWING MY MIND AGAIN! Later in the same episode, Patrick Macnee walked into a shop and FLICKED OUT HIS FRIGGIN' LIZARD TONGUE! He then went over to a subliminal representation of Jesus on the crucifix and made SNAKE EYES at the poor little guy! I next learned that Tom Baker (Doctor Who) was an outrageously daring lizard man while I watched 'The Brain Of Morbius'. (LOVE YA, TOM, you deranged satanic lizard, YOU!) This guy phased-in his entire green, glistening lizard eye RIGHT ON CAMERA! I believe that the glowing orbs must have somehow influenced me so that I would become AWARE of all these subliminal displays of Reptoid eyes that we all see in our movies and shows. I wanted to KNOW MORE!

Q:This may be a long winded question but you can pick one or elaborate as much as you like.
do you have a abduction story or ufo siting, wild dream's/lucid dreams,
ever seen a extraterrestrial or strange encounter with a supernatural being?
Black helicopter story's? Underground alien base memory's?

A: Lucid dreaming is a major interest in my life. I LOVE dreams in general and really like flying through the air in lucid dreams. I would spend more time dreaming than being awake - if I had a choice! I'm fascinated by the concept of becoming lucid in REALITY. I'm always trying to will myself to fly up in the air...SOMEDAY I'M GONNA DO IT! All my dreams are fun and I NEVER have nightmares. Even when I wake up from what SOME people would call a nightmare, I'm like: "That was SO COOL!"

wahhow Lucid living with John

Q:Do you hold any world views or religious belief's you can share with us?

A: johnellizz has no opinions about such things...OH, HELL YEAH, I DO! I want to encourage all humans to consider stopping eating animals. "When you eat an animal, you become one." We all have a free-will decision to conceptualize ourselves as an animal species or not. Agreeing we are animals by eating animals is not what I want for our Human Race. A kind, intelligent Race of Beings does not slit the throats of millions of creatures every day just because they are delicious. War is also an absurd thing for any human to participate in. After three years of intense investigation, I can report that the Reptilians are the ones who want us to butcher animals and other humans. They NEED us to DEFINE ourselves as a failed species which will never transcend animalism. They have also told us that, "Our lives are really ours to do with as we please." We humans are full of potentials that they are trying to make us throw away. The best way to promote human evolution is to spread awareness about the presence of the Reptilians. Curiosity is essential for humans to make this discovery. A farm animal has no curiosity...he just wants more hay in his pen, or more feed in his trough, or more mating opportunities...The Reptoidz want human minds to fixate on these meager ambitions, also. I don't want humans to degenerate into the 'farm animals' of an alien race. HOLLYWOOD REPTOIDZ will keep trying to ignite the curiosity of all humans ON EARTH!

"A kind, intelligent Race of Beings does not slit the throats of millions of creatures every day just because they are delicious."
Q:Have you heard of The Frequency Fence? she also has a great
youtube channel that seems to have come to a halt in my eyes
she was the first one to nail video after video of shape shifting anomaly videos.

A: One of my problems has been my lack of computer time. (I didn't own my own computer and walked to the library everyday to work on my channel for a meager 90 minutes. So I couldn't follow other channels about the subject.) But NOW I have a computer and I'll be following other channels like Frequency Fence! She was mentioned by Will Elliot on Coast To Coast AM! I DID see one video of hers about 'Conan The Barbarian' that was full of GREAT insights.

Q:Have you heard of the real Frequency Fence that is clamed to have a vibrational wave
that can make a person see a alternate reality?
(This is a Cassiopaean or Pleiadian term for an artificial construct meant to occlude perception or
keep someone's perception or FRV within a particular range.)

A: I HAVE heard about this concept. In 'Men In Black 3' I noticed how they depicted an energy field being projected around the whole planet. And in the book 'Body Snatchers' a Reptilian purportedly claimed that the Fence would trap humans and prevent us from leaving Earth in our 'spirit forms'. I also hear about Saturn being a 'projector' that controls Earth. I'm not convinced by these claims, but I want to study them a lot more. My favorite author was Phillip K. Dick and it reminds me of his novels.  

Q:Do you Drink Smoke cigarette or do you do any type of drug habitually ?

A: I have never had the slightest interest in recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco (or firearms). And I would seem totally boring and square to many kinds of folks who indulge in those things. One drug that really impressed me was Ativan (which I needed for about a month after the 'All Seeing Eye' ordeal.) No matter how bad I was freaking out with panic attacks, if I took an Ativan, suddenly I became a calm, happy person! This fascinated me so I took two Ativans just to see how I'd feel...I felt super-mellow and blissful! I learned how much of our life is about brain chemistry. A healthy brain is an incredible gift. I knew I had to stop using Ativan and Zoloft to deal with my trauma from 'The All-Seeing Eye' so I went cold turkey and healed my brain with nutrition, exercise and deliberate re-programming. The 'Eye' had done something to my mind where I was overwhelmed by negative thoughts and I had to re-train my mind for optimism. If I have any substance problem it's food. I need to cut back on calories because I'm now at that age (44) where exercise doesn't burn it all off!

What is your ultimate view of the draconian and their agenda?

A: I think we are the latest 'drone race' that they have introduced on the Earth, and they are planning to eliminate us so they can introduce a new hybrid which will look a lot like us - but smaller with more intelligence. To succeed in their plan, they need us to CHOOSE to up-link our minds to 'The All Seeing Eye' through forehead implants. This will be our LEGAL AGREEMENT to allow them to decide our fate. Once we are all up-linked, it's a form of mind control and they can compel the human race to commit mass suicide! Just a while back I saw a 60 Minutes segment where a quadriplegic woman had a brain implant that allowed her to move a robotic arm as if it were her own! She was 'Up-Linked'! I wish humans could understand how totally REAL this vast alien conspiracy is. They are conditioning humans to believe it's good to 'up-link' by using puppets like Ray Kurzweil who claim it's our destiny. They call our date with the All-Seeing Eye the "SINGULARITY" ...They seem to need to poison our 'Planetary Karma' first by encouraging us to be as judgemental toward each other as possible. They use Hollywood as a propaganda effort to convince humans that they should judge and condemn each other to death. They do it by depicting cold-blooded executioners as the heros and 'Good Guys' of the movies! "Django Unchained" is an obvious recent example.

"Reptilian Space God's"
(the reptilian agenda)

Q:You know a friend of mine took me to see django and i have to admit i enjoyed it (while i drank
a nice 24 oz import beer and a lil high of some pot i smoke). yet there was a part that stuck out
that i felt like i may have been the only one who caught the statement. later i noticed in one of your
latest and gratest video you mentioned the clip. it seems in the film jamie foxx "django" says "johnellizz". could you tell me more about your thoughts on this?

A: I'm glad you caught that, John Dee! Jamie was depicted as Reptilian in "Django Unchained" by the slit that extended above his left eye. He says, "johnellizz" and there's NO WAY a guy with a Reptilian slit etched over his eye said that by coincidence. What I think about it is that it proves what I already know: 1.Reptilians exist 2.They are all the actors in Hollywood 3.They themselves reveal it by displaying slits which extend ABOVE and/or BELOW their physical human eyelids 4.They are fun-loving and enjoy subliminal jokes I think Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx are very cool. That movie where Jamie played the homeless musician was so GREAT! But my job is to expose ALL of Hollywood to any curious human. People need to know the actors are hosts for the Reptoidz and revenge killing is NOT good or heroic. I was ALSO referred to in the awesome TV show "Supernatural"...I made a vid in 2010 showing how Sam and Dean were shapeshifting their eyes in the show. So in the next season (filmed AFTER I made the vid) there's this episode called 'You Can't Handle The Truth' where Sam and Dean imitate my video! They sit down and watch a TV Personality very closely...eventually they spot a shapeshift in her EYES and freeze-frame and zoom-in. There's also this character in "Skyfall" who is exposing secret agents on YouTube. They say, "Only HE could spot this subtle clue we're giving him." And right as the actor says that, he does a subtle shapeshift of his eye. I think this was referring to me, also.

Tutorial for Spotting Sexy VAMPIRES! Supernatural Sam & Dean 

This brings up the question that i have been waiting to ask you, why "ellizz"?
A: There's no meaning in name is John Ellis and when I got a Hotmail address I used johnelliz because 'johnellis' was taken. Then when I joined YouTube I wanted to use johnelliz but there was already a 'johnelliz', so I added another 'z' to become johnellizz - but I like the way it turned out because the name looks more interesting with two z's!

Also i think i gotta know who is the mouse ? is it mighty mouse or micro mouse ? who is that mouse??

A: He's 'Kimba the White Lion'! As a kid I watched Kimba everyday back in the mid 1970's along with 'Speed Racer', 'Marine Boy' and some other Japanese cartoon shows that I THOUGHT were from America! I still LOVE them all! Kimba was a big influence because he wanted to promote evolution in the jungle...he used his status as leader to teach the animals to stop eating each other and to love each other instead! They all opened a vegetarian restaurant in the jungle where any animal could eat so they didn't have to murder each other for food! Kimba taught the animals to play together by building a great amusement park right in the jungle! Kimba was tenacious and never gave up trying to win over the skeptics. He would never back down or turn tail. He stood for being good and refused to accept the heartless brutality of the jungle. 

Tezuka's KIMBA THE WHITE LION: Ep. 01: "Go, White Lion!"
Do you spot these videos on your own in real time, or are there other shady trench coat sources?

A: I'm the only one who creates the HOLLYWOOD REPTOIDZ channel. Even my sister refused to let me use her computer for the channel because it was weird to her. I just watch shows and movies I'm interested in and pay close attention to the eyes in certain scenes and contexts. Like, if a character is evil, the actor is more likely to shapeshift the eyes to subliminally convey the evil nature of the character - so I watch that actor's eyes more closely. If I'm watching a romantic comedy, I don't bother looking for shapeshifts because displays of Reptilian eyes are NOT conducive to laughter and the Reptoid actors know this. But if I'm watching an intense move with murderers in it, I watch very closely and often see a shapeshift sooner or later. I write down the times where the shapeshift occurred in a notebook and then make recordings of the scenes. Some great shapeshifters are 'Dexter', 'Dean' (from Supernatural) 'Damon' (from Vampire Diaries) but nobody can top that AL PACINO. He's the #1 shapeshifter in my book. Linda Thorson popped my cherry, so I should mention her, too. 

Well thank you so much for sharing this information about you and Hollywood Reptoidz, id like to thank you
for all the visitor's at Cover-Upz blog. especially for all your work you have done and shared.
may peace love and all good vibes come your way. 

A: THANKS, John Dee!

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