Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UFO Sightings Anunnaki Winged God?

I have seen a UFO that was similar it was like a Aztec description of a 8bit style bird in the sky with amazing lighted details through out the plate i guess you can call it that. This siting was out side of Las Vegas, Nevada. maybe in 06. I can not help but be skeptical of this video, yet i have had a UFO siting around 2:00 am from a roof top in los angeles ca, of two or 3 red lights in the sky kinda dripping off red drops falling and dissipating at this time it seemed another red dot appeared next to it and shot a few red lights at the first one dropping the drops, they seemed to move around and then disappear. i made a few reports on the siting but was not surprised it wasn't in the paper.