Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turkish Spring? Violent clashes rumble through the night in Istanbul

This is what they plan for Every city in the world. The draconian order want us to revert to a road warrior style way of living. The plan is to pit the official governments and the people against each other. This has been the most easiest task for them. My answer is a non violent approach. I believe the true source behind the establishment is a supernatural or non human being force. This non human being approach can be viewed through their non logical and non compassion system. This effort becomes easier for them as their psychological media operations to control the ideas and thoughts of the population through repetitive forced propaganda progress and fractalize. This causes a resonance in the collective conscious, resulting in the dumbing down of the population, creating a population with a tunnel vision perception. Never allowing the people to pull pack and realize the multi dimensional reality that is life.