Friday, June 14, 2013

The Truthseeker: Eugenics Now! (E17)

These are the same people that are killing off african population and other 3rd world countrys population, and ravaging resources.
The establishment has rebuild the non existent climate war, claming humans need to pay for the water and air they breath. The draconian demon race has worked timelessly on this GMO movement. They plan to put us all in small box homes, and disconnect up from each other. Then they plan on creating a subjacated society that is a endless cycle of monitering and control of every angle of a human beings life.
This may sound far from what your living today, yet its only when you do the research you began to find out we are more then one foot into this political grave. all of our main stream seats of power have sold us all out quietly. This is turning into
In movies these plans they have can be revealed cause this is a old masonic plan.
The draconian establishment would rather us in a word like logans run where when you reach the age of 30 you will be put to death and let new young workers replace you.
This is also resonates with the movie Soylent Green for me. 

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