Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Paedofile: Now Gove blocks mandatory sex-abuse reporting ... as missing care home children numbers rise by 19%

Some people ask about some conspiracy's, why don't we see this. well in some case from what I under stand there is a huge child traffic ring. this child traffic ring consist of mostly abandon kids under government control, such as foster kids or children taken from parents by the state. at one point its been realized that the state has chose to take the side of the state over the parent and at times has been down right draconian.
In this story you will read about how government is making it harder to report this kind of abuse by the state. the state also uses pedophilia to black mail members of secret society's that utilize power positions. so next time you hear about a pedophile case keep in mind this person may have attempted whistle blowing and was met with black mail.
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