Sunday, June 9, 2013

Solstice Sacrifices Exposed

Wow, i just found out about this. I didnt know this women passed away. Its so odd i had this feeling when i would watch her act thats this would happen. I always admired her roles and thought of her as a leader and am sad to hear this. In my life i don't pay attention to names in Hollywood, i don't watch whats trendy or whats new. I stay away from main stream media as much as i can bear. What concerns me about this is that when a entertainer is involved with these kinda dead end suburban cul de sac cults, they get so far out of the public eye they become helpless and caught in this kinda limbo where they cant come to any one for help. I think its impotent to understand that Hollywood stars are used as secret agents. Knowing or unknowingly they carry out missions for the establishments. From spy games to just your average  propaganda. Yet insiders have come forward and asked the public to be concerned cause their favorite entertainers may just be under types of gang stalking from this bureaucratic draconian establishment for not falling in line.
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