Friday, June 14, 2013

Kanye West "New Slaves" Denounces The Illuminati and New World Order?

Listion to mark dice take a huge dump on kanye west. For one im a huge hip hop fan, yet i take the music quite politically. To tell you the truth even when kanye was first coming out i could tell through his illumni records about school i couldnt relate. I got to the point every album became more main stream Rap and less and less hip hop. it was no suprise to me that when he reached his peak to fame he let out all his dark side and revealed it was the masonic order that took him to the peak of fame. Dont be worried tho cause what mark dice doesnt mention is that Kanye is one on the list of hundreds of artist that have sold their soul to the devil. 
There are real artist that are for the people and speak for the people yet these media company's know that we are never to be able to speak on the world stage to the people.
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