Monday, June 10, 2013

"Freelancer" Mark Walsh Shows his Reptilian side

Take a close look at his left ear close you will see its not like his right ear, IMO this is a sign he is a draconian and hes excited to see the carnige him and his brother hood have brought to humans.
he also his throwing his satanic hand sign. 
Not to my surprise as i was playing this video back and forth when i first spotted the deformity my screen in the youtube site for the video acted like it was having a digital distortion issue, what was even funnier was it got to the point that the whole screen went green for a while. i assume they are scrubbing out all alien deformations 
See the Thing is from my perception the draconian order opened this star gate like it was some draconian new years holiday. and a lot of them come out on video and have it sent across the galaxy and their home planets see how they are subjected humans to bondage. If you know what to look for with the right eyes, if you look through the twin tower event videos you will see all kinda shifters. I spotted this one spamming the blog on youtube. 
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