Monday, June 17, 2013

Confronting Cops 101 with Jimmy Justice

At the first few seconds of watching this video i noticed a draconian gate keeper on the video. 
@0:28 Jimmy is talking to a police officer who seems to relish the chance to show jimmy who hes really fucking with.
These are the gate keepers of your matrix. notice how he spots the officer practicing illegal tactics on the public to gain domanince over the nations collective concious, and as a rebutle she replys to him in almost a childesh maner she says "what are "you" gonna do (human) arrest me? Come on arrest me... ". Cause this draconian knows that their master race is in control. I sense a lil bit of sincerity in this comment. maybe the draconian really knows how much energy is building up and shes turning her self in. Looks like some one wants to go to hell, and the Lord might have to just walk them there step by step.

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