Thursday, May 23, 2013

Illuminati Church Of Scientology Exposed

At 0:49 (it looks like john slits his right eye) there is a interview with john and he makes a comment saying that if Elvis or Marylin would have had Scientology they wouldn't of been killed (by the mafia). See the movie "the people under the stairs" and this is the mind set these programmer's hold.
Also in this video they speak about a hidden compound/compounds that harvest children men women foreign nationals that are used to punish, reprogram and used as slaves for labor and much more sinister projects. These compounds are hidden in plain site right in the heart of regular upright city's allowing them to hide under the guise of good communities.
They are first opened up as trainee's and are asked to give all secrets of your heart, these secrets are later used to punish and control the belief system of the person/persons. They are told that the rest of the population are just cannon fodder which is true in a sense, yet this cannon fodder theory is more strongly held by the satanist movement and belief can be one of their most strongest weapon to subjugate the population.
This fake satanic church is using the same tactic as lucifarians have been hiding behind for ages. They clam they are spiritual, id like to give all the churches a good old Electric Acid Kool Aid Test and see how far their Messiah converts their belief's. 
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