Friday, May 24, 2013

Blog View Count Drop

Hey guys,
Id like to thank the 2 and 3 people that have stood around and have been checking out the blog daily. I wanted to make a post about a large view count drop. A friend of mine asked me how come I haven't been posting videos, I had to tell him that I had to look away from the evil corruption to live "my" life for a while.
The thing is in my real waking life I look into and talk about this corruption daily and I have started this blog for being tired of falling on the deaf ears of the un awake public. For a while I had stamped "david" on dollar bills just to spread the word faster then the people I was talking to in my immediate circles.
I have found that I have tried to spread truth as a way of life and have chose to be as honest to my lord as I can. im not a bible thumper but I do believe in a truth.
A few days ago I had gotten a add and a thumbs up from a professional NBA player, that was something I knew and hoped would happen. I'm not asking for celebs to run the pr campaign for cover ups (or am I) but I just wanted to know that its more then us regular working class visiting this blog.
I gained the players attention from spamming in the NBA youtube channel. I did a lot of spamming for the blog in youtube.
I think I got a lot of views from the spamming work I did. In our first month we received a few views short of 3,000 views. I must admit that this could of been partly from a hacker viewer that added our link to some pop ups >_<. yet I still did see a lot of people adding them self's to our circle we have 55 members as of now, I had hoped we would have tons more.

What im getting at with this love story is that I really need you twos and threes that do daily visit to do a bit of minute manning/Paul Revereing of your own. I am really in need of you guys to help me spread the word of the blog. Please if you can do anything to spread the blog. Get creative, think different. Spray paint the blog on a wall across the street from the white house and every other establishment building, stamp the site on dollar bills, tag it in bathroom stalls and street walls. Spam it on youtube or your fravorite forum or blog, add it to your blog, ps3, xbox or any kinda signature you got.

well I get that's the short and sweet of my concerns for the blog. thanks for being apart of this <3
1 love 1 blood 1 life, all for 1 and one for all, energy goes where attention flows, and you shall be the winner.