Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Can We Do

I wanted to make a post about what can we do about all this?

there are a few different things you really can do to make a change in this cycle.

the black panther pride group showed many people how you can make a community work even under fire from the worse evils.

their fight was documented and is in the history books.

they created a attitude of rebuilding. and that is really the source of all in a way.
one of the things they did was spend in their community. if you are in your town and you have a choice to support a mom and pops place or a wall mart or a target you really need to understand how vital it is to make a smart choice by boosting business's of people who live directly in your community rather then expect understanding from some business Mogul's who did even care what city you live in.

these Moguls will use your money to actually push you out of your own community with the money you gave them.

its very impotent to understand you must in a seance quarantine the traffic of goods by realizing your true buying power

you must realize you are a stock in a business and you can release all you income or you can hold it and build.

from my understanding angela davis really had a strong message about this if i remember correct.
look into angela davis.