Friday, April 26, 2013


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ok guys i just wanna say that iv been taking some time away from posting. i was trying to beef up my Internet security and its been taking up allot of time.

i have noticed the traffic slow down due to low posts from me.
so i just wanna ask you guys to please share cover upz blog with friends or on the Internet randomly.
what makes me happiest most is seeing people supporting the site now.
when i see replys or people emailing me story's.
personally i really enjoy watching the view counts. ive sat here for like a whole day just pumping spam on youtube to bring viewers. and when i see a spike like 30 views im like fuck yeah
Cover-upz blog baby!
So if you like the blog please please please
make some comments about the storys in the blogg :D

so again i just wanna remind you guys who are really looking through this blog to lend me a lil help pumping this site a bit :3