Tuesday, April 2, 2013

(Updated 1.0) Sandy Hook Massacre - A CLOSER LOOK

Here is a website that has done a time line of the event !!

In my opinion this is what the satanist in the white house are doing to us on a daily basis. Conducting crimes of there own, then using the places of power they have coerced their satanic masonic members into in order to stone wall the public and tire out their inquires.

this guy was smiling way to much and having way to much fun taking away our guns, this guys a huge mason im sure. Hes getting payed 6 figures to cover up "unusual deaths" for the brotherhood, with a smile.
Basically, Dr. Wayne Carver proposed Bill 1054.
The 1054 bill was denied, so Carver threatened to step down (rat out his cabal).
Only if that's what we could do to get a bill pass for the citizens.
well because of Carvers threats they passed a bill allowing Carver to keep
all results of any pediatric homicides autopsies to him self.
allowing him to hide all evidence against his satanic stalker city circle.
here is another video showing more signs of the blatant satanic community showing their horns.

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