Monday, April 22, 2013

More False Flag's on Our Freedom

I mean we have one good day and these fucking draconians have to bring a gun to our party.

Remember if some one gets harmed its our faults.
For thinking we can jog in front of the beast freely.
For uniting over a plant, we must be reminded to be in a state of fear ALLWAYS.
We must resonate death, weapons, fear, hate when we resonate with our minds being free.
Before you take that LSD you must remember They want to Kill you!

Oh wait their they are, it was break time.

And while this is happening its not the fault of the authorities and establishment to utilize all the trillions of dollars to keep us safe.
We must now learn to solve case's on our own.
We must learn to stop trying to solve the cause when the establishment tells us our job is down.
They wont find what doesn't want to be found, They wont show you what doesn't need to be seen
if they did you wouldn't need them around
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