Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Shape Shifter Squad (updated)

(new video at the bottom)
Ok i watched this video over and over and im convinced that they are shape shifters or what ever they really are they isnt normal.
although i do understand how intelligent they are and how much resources and technology they have access to
As i looked over and over at his eye i can see this one here as really well at covering up what he puts out in plan sight.
This picture is a good exampled.
I tryed over and over to capture a good screen shot, yet this is so pixelated it gives them the chance to morph between pixels and blam it on video quality.
Yet that is why they released this angle the way they did at the quality they did.
This is their power their trick.
Watch them as they turn a Innocent city into a police state all over 2 men.
These guys know what they are doing.
Do you?
Boston Commissioner Calls Tamerlan and Dzhokhar ACTORS 2013
(this seems to be a update now. feels like some ones comming clean. <3)

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