Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Guard

Thanks William Tell, he did a video on the Boston Guardians.
I really urge you all to look into these videos of these officals telling us the way its gonna be
and how we are going to make a change from the way its been.
For me i am satisfied i have found my suspect right here.
Take a look for your self.
Be subjugated by the bottomless pit's gangster squad.
Here is a story on how they said they were planing a false flag op the same day.
allowing them to be in all the right places after the event.
so right when the event went "live", the guardians were able to keep us safe in our homes.
until they deside if they want to put all of the rest of the nation in cages and then plastic coffin's.

Here is some more odd findings
on the Boston Suspect's
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