Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sandy Hook Elementary


Ok Sandy Hook is a Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The Story is that a lone crazed gun man came in and shot up the school and then continued to kill him self.
The twist is that the police the media and other government groups seem to be covering up information and even possibly have set up this shooting for many suspected reasons.
This is video one of two, very long but very intresting.

After watching the video i noticed a symbol which is used to discribe the hive mentality of the masonic brother hood which is the bee hive used, also the pictures with the baphement hand sign made by the lil girl and again in another picture by a older man in the backround it made me suspect a deep mason connection. This school could of been a mk ultra type centre, they mention the school was set up like a prison to enter. Possibly to keeping parents at a distance from there children while they preform mind control operations and sex abuse on the children. 

Then after hearing the medical examiner and the police spokesman's attitude it seems like its a group of people including them who are in on this and intentionally holding the information to allow them selves to be free from persecution. Personally id like to go as far as saying this was a group of satanist that help a each other in a network conducting a almost public sacrifice's.

I suspect that through these talking heads they are allowed to keep a stone wall up, allowing the group to achieve their will. I also suspect it could even just be some kinda government op.

I also feel like deep in this their is a conspiracy theory smear tactic being used via crisis actors theory. I believe that the powers in charge of this are also using the crisis actors theory and spreading false information through that channel cause some of the crisis actors may be really involved with this and by spreading the false crisis actor theories people will stray from the real crisis actors involved.

also i feel like we being pushed apart as a society through media genres allowing a divide. Maybe by design in order to keep us all so distant, that we are even "distant" when it finally comes down to an emergency (allowing the divide and conquer of a nation).
we have been conditioned to be so distant by the media through non sense programing, when something of major importance comes up we don't seem to work as a unified society that we properly look into these things. It seems more to me like its us and them. (that may be cause there are two sides, us and the demon draconian's)

See the thing is this also, these news heads backing up these story's given to them from government agency's are tough how to speak in a way that confuses the listener making them feel like they entered a conversation and they are missing the topic or they are missing information, even causing a debater to forget their strong points or lose their train of thought. They are millions of ways or techniques on this. Their is a term for it called "political spin" and you can even call these news heads spin doctors. cause what they are doing is using "Verbal and Nero Linguistics", back up'ed by ages of though conditioning through media programing in order to make the listener feel like what is being told to them are flat and unquestionable facts. This is used also in a way where they use different perceptions to convince the debater that they are just flat out wrong (even if they are right.) whats scary is that they know this and pride them self's in this, they lead large amounts of followers that look into every thing these heads will through their way. allowing these heads to profit in unimaginable ways. This was illegal at one point but is now loop holed, and allows press to publish flat out lies and dis information. They are now going as far as saying if you dont agree with what the press says is fact you can be arrested.

One of the main concerns it seems with this case is its all about the guns. And its in a time where the us is doing a huge gun ban in the clams it will bring peace. Yet the place where this happened, already had a gun ban. Also whats worse is that these official agencies are out destroying civilian weapons for protection and at the same exact time funding, trafficking drugs ,weapons and illegals across boarders regularly.

Through violence awareness programs to keep young adults free from violence, brought to you by the same official traffickers, these young adults are now conditioned to deal more with violence. In turn creating a number of more violent offenders creating a endless cycle.

At the end of this it seemed like it is a operation by the United Nations to bring down the United States from power through de-arming its public and continuing with a serious of staged events in order to bring the population into a more manageable state of control.