Friday, March 22, 2013

MasoniK Hollywood

(the videos here are replacements of the originals that were removed from the internet. so they may not pertain to the original post)
This is one part of the conspiracy theory's that is so huge its really hard to explain it all down unless you have some kinda back round knowledge about "mind programing" then these kinda things will go right over your head so to speak, and that is the effect they are going for.
when first introduced to these accusations one would not trust that it is even possible. yet with some honest looking into you will find that there is a odd underworld of power, slavery, money, drugs, murder. yet the scariest thing out of all of this is the ability to turn any person or persons into Manchurian candidate's in order to do these things they normally wouldn't do.

The Hollywood deception is a video detailing a military brain washing and mind control project used to create sleeper agents who do drug running sex rings and just about anythings these masonic groups need done. Agents are mostly high profile celebs but simple programing of a persons mind can be done with just a Lil know how. its as simple as hypnosis.
yet we are being introduced to a hypnosis so large via media outlets and the Internet that it can have the power to put a nation in a trance.

I have also read a book by Arizona Wilder who is proven to be a CIA asset that was used in sex rings and has been able to recover memories of many impotent people involved in major crimes.
The name of the book is called trance formation of America and here is a video of her speaking of the events.
Arizona speaks out video