Monday, March 18, 2013

Chris Dorner Cabin Shootout Exposed Mainstream Media Misinformation

OK with out going to far into it, this guys a ex military, police officer who was framed and decided years later he was going on a killing spree until his name was cleared.

there were many red flags about this case.

i did a small search after the media had calmed he was killed and the account was over and found this video. if every media video was looked over and analyzed I'm sure you would began to see why this became a cause for concern.

the guy in the video im posting seems to cut him self short in a sense i think by claiming its all done in the means of a gun grab. i assume that this guy dorner was involved in a project either he went rogue from and they may and tryed to use the media to catch him. but then again this is just a opinion.

here is a small video pointing out some things about the case